Key strengths of the Freshwater Solutions team include our responsiveness, adaptability and flexibility. This ensures that we can mobilise our experienced team and associates quickly in response to project needs. We select our internal and external project teams to ensure that we have the best expertise and experience to meet individual project requirements.

Richard Montgomerie

Director and Senior Freshwater Scientist

Richard is the founder and director of Freshwater Solutions and specialises in providing freshwater environmental services to address management issues. Richard has held senior roles at Kingett Mitchell Ltd, the Water Research Centre (UK) and Golder Associates including managing Kingett Mitchell’s Christchurch office.

Nick Carter

Senior Freshwater Scientist

Nick has over 20 years of experience as a freshwater ecologist having worked previously for Kingett Mitchell Ltd and Golder Associates.  Nick focuses on assessment of effects, consenting and compliance monitoring and has worked on numerous small and large projects throughout New Zealand and overseas.

Rebecca Bodley

Freshwater and Terrestrial Ecologist

Rebecca is a freshwater and terrestrial ecologist specialising in aquatic and terrestrial resource surveys, compliance monitoring, ecological values assessments, riparian planting and restoration plans and assessments of effects for clients within both the public and private sectors.                                                                                                                                                                    

Dr Mike Fitzpatrick

Environmental Chemist

Mike is an environmental chemist with over 25 years experience in chemical analysis, water quality, and the monitoring, modelling and assessment of contaminants in the environment.  Mike has also worked extensively on the development of aquatic life criteria and on many aspects of the effects of chemicals on environmental and  human health.

Susan McKegg

Freshwater Ecologist

Susan is an ecologist with experience monitoring and assessing the effects of a range of activities in freshwater environments. Susan carries out habitat and Stream Ecological Valuation (SEV) surveys, benthic invertebrate and fish surveys, fish relocations, data analysis, ecological values and effects assessments.